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  • Wet footprint test

    Not the best running shoes in the world, because everyone is different, everyone has different attributes and requirements as a runner. Not surprisingly, there are too many personal variables for everyone to do the perfect shoes - no two runners are the same! As a result, our video guide offers some useful running shoes advice, allowing you to make smarter decisions when choosing a suitable running shoe.

    training Centre

    We have evolved ... 2016 new report that every day at least an hour of exercise to offset the modern daily lifestyle on the increasingly negative health effects. It is time to adapt, training, offset the impact of your desktop work. Join our training center for the latest expert training advice and support. Now is the time to re-develop ...

    Running shoes search

    We have more than 3000 styles of shoes, so if you do not even know what it is, finding what you want is not always the simplest. Our running shoes asked five simple questions that could be reduced to 3000 in a matter of minutes. Check out for yourself ...

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